Tennant T1 - Mini Scrubber
Tennant’s T1 Walk Behind Micro Scrubber cleans in compact areas quietly and easily. Insta-Adjust™ handle and ergonomic grips help create a more comfortable cleaning experience.
Tennant T300e - Walk Behind Scrubber
Scrub without worry with the battery power and squeegee system on the T300 and T300e. Add Tennant's innovative ec-H2O NanoClean™ and reduce water and detergent use.
Lava 2060B - Compact Ride On Scrubber
High productivity of cleaning 3,900m2/hr maximum . High productivity of 110 litres solution and 115 litres recovery tank. Reduce mold and bacteria from easy-to-clean tiltable recovery tanks.
Tennant T12 - Ride On Scrubber
Compact Battery-Powered Rider Scrubber-dryer. The power of a heavy-duty rider scrubber-dryer and the manoeuvrability of a compact footprint. Increase cleaning productivity by utilising Tennant’s innovative product features chemical free ec-H20™ technology.
Cyclone S510
This is a heavy duty workhorse that not only weighs more, but has a stronger motor to drive and sustain the increased weight. The Cyclone S510 does almost everything that regular scrubbers do, only faster. This ia due to the simple principle that more pressure produces better and quicker cleaning result.
Typhoon SM350
Super though, roto-moulded tank. Washable cartridge filter. Perforated filter cage to diffuse foam. Fully insulated vacuum head reduces operation noise.
Sebo XP1
The radically improved XP1 is incomparably user-friendly due to its extremely lightweight upright section that needs to be supported by the user. It provides standard Sclass filtration that removes pollen and microscopic dust particles such as dust mite faeces, making it ideal for sufferers of allergy and asthma.
Tennant 1240 - Walk Behind Carpet Extractor
The 1240 features large rear wheels, collapsible bladder tank for maximizing capacity and a drop-downdrain hose for easy emptying. This portable and easy-to-use unit cleans medium to large size areas effectively.
Action 170S - Carpet Spray Extraction Detergent
ACTION 170 S is a liquid detergent specially formulated for use with carpet and upholstery spray extraction cleaning machines. Blended with powerful soil emulsifiers, optical brighteners, anti foaming agents and a pleasant perfume, ACTION 170 S is the ideal multi function chemical product to use on carpet and upholstery.
Pro-Green - Environmentally Safe Multi Purpose Cleaner
Pro-Green is awarded the Singapore Green Label Scheme under the category of "Environmentally Improved Floor Cleaner". It is concentrated liquid multi purpose detergent containing biodegradable surfactants for environmental protection as well as effective cleaning.
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