20 Plus - Hi Metal Floor Coating
A high solid content finish with metal cross link polymers, 20 PLUS sets up a hard, durable coating which lasts for weeks and produces a bright, clear gloss even without buffing.
Action 100S - Scale & Rust Remover
A powerful acidic cleaner, ACTION 100 S effectively removes scale and rust stains from mosaic and concrete surfaces.
Action 130S - Food Grade Degreaser
ACTION 130 is a versatile non-butyl detergent that effectively removes oil and greasy soil from most hard surfaces. Using an USDA Category A-1 approved formulation, ACTION 130 can be used safely on food preparation and processing surfaces.
Action 150 - Floor Stripper
An effective yet economical stripper for metal cross-link floor polishes as well as regular floor finishes and waxes, ACTION 150 combines quick stripping power with instantaneous detergent action.
Action 150S - High Performance Stripper
Formulated with the ideal blend of high grade solvents, ammonia and patented detergent technology, ACTION 150 S effectively strips heavy build up of floor waxes and metal finishes.
Action 170S - Carpet Spray Extraction Detergent
ACTION 170 S is a liquid detergent specially formulated for use with carpet and upholstery spray extraction cleaning machines.
Campaign - Carpet Shampoo
A powerful carpet cleaner formulated for rotary brush shampoo machines, or reel type dry foam machines.
Day Break - Disinfectant & Multi Purpose Cleaner
DAY BREAK’s unique formulation provides efficient cleaning performance, effective disinfection properties and a persistent and scintillating fragrance to mask malodours.
Easy Clean - Heavy Duty Degreaser
EASY CLEAN is a water-soluble general purpose detergent that contains powerful grease cutting solvents. Its fast, effective cleaning action makes it economical to use both material and labour wise, while a citrus perfume masks the solvent odours and makes it pleasant to use.
Embrace - Hair & Body Soap
EMBRACE, unlike other body soaps, contains both a skin moisturizer and a hair conditioner, making it truly suitable for hair as well.
Four Seasons - Neutral Multipurpose Cleaner
FOUR SEASONS is a neutral pH floor cleaning agent developed for maintaining floor finishes and is especially suited for use on KLENCO’s line of floor dressings.
Hand Soap - Hand Cleaner
HAND SOAP is a high strength liquid hand cleaner incorporating surfactants for more effective cleaning. Its neutral pH and fruity fragrance makes it safe and pleasant for regular usage yet is concentrated enough to be an economical cleaner.
HG Sanlene - Hospital Grade Cleaner
Specially formulated for use in hospitals, HG SANLENE passes the modified Kelsey-Sykes Capacity Test Option for Hospital Grade Disinfectant under dirty conditions.
Klen 1101 - Heavy Duty Degreaser
KLEN 1101 is a unique water based degreaser that is as effective as solvent based cleaners. It is highly concentrated and thus extremely economical, yet is safe to use on most surfaces.
Klen 1104 - Rust Remover
KLEN 1104 is a powerful rust remover and surface renovator that prepares metal surfaces for refinishing. It is used to treat metal surfaces such as on machinery, tanks, valves, metal sheet, pipes, cooling towers etc.
Klen 1304G - Cold Zync Galvanise Compound
KLEN 1304 G instantly provides a silvery zinc film on metal surfaces that uses sacrificial galvanic action to seal out moisture and prevent corrosion from spreading.
Klen 1305 - Metal Parts Protector
KLEN 1305 is a revolutionary protective coating that provides a continuous film of long term, corrosive prevention under indoor and outdoor conditions.
Klen 1402 - Sanitizing Cleaner
KLEN 1402 is USDA approved as a final wash for food processing areas, with no further rinsing by water required. It degreases, cleans and disinfects against a broad range of pathogenic microorganisms.
Klen 1801 - Rust Coverter
KLEN 1801 contains complexing agents for iron ions, which converts rust into a stable iron compound. The stable iron ions, formed by the catalytic action of a small quantity of weak organic acid, guarantees good adhesive for paint.
Klen 2201 - Vandalism Mark Remover
KLEN 2201 is a powerful self foaming gel spray used to remove all kinds of vandalism on hard surfaces.
Klen 2204 - Oven Cleaner
KLEN 2204 is a combination of detergents and solvents that takes over the hard work of cleaning ovens.
Klen 2207 - Cream Cleaner
KLEN 2207 is excellent for removing a wide variety of stubborn stains from hard commercial surface materials.
Power Brite - General Acidic Cleaner
POWER BRITE is a medium strength acidic cleaner with surfactants for removal of oxides, rust stains, fungus and light oil deposits from concrete, mosaic, and quarry tiles on floors and walls.
Power Enzime - Enzime Odour Digester
POWER ENZ is a synergistic blend of specialized strains of live but safe to use bacteria - chosen for their ability to produce enzymes that will digest organic matter that cause foul odours.
Power Fresh - Disinfectant & Multi Purpose Cleaner
POWER FRESH is an effective disinfectant against a wide range of germs and microorganisms. Formulated with a pine fragrance widely used in medical facilities, it will leave the area with a clean, hygienic scent after use.
Power Lemon - General Purpose Cleaner
A multipurpose cleaner designed for the widest variety of applications, POWER LEMON is strong enough for floors, kitchen walls, toilets, cars and other common areas; yet gentle enough for skin and hands.
Power Lime - Disinfectant & Multi Purpose Cleaner
POWER LIME is a multi-purpose product that effectively cleans, disinfects and masks unpleasant odours. It is essential for the regular maintenance of toilets and other foul smelling areas as it leaves a refreshing citrus fragrance after use.
Power Plus - Heavy Duty Cleaner
POWER PLUS combines a heavy-duty detergent, powerful bacteriacide and pleasant deodorizer. Its patented Positive Emulsion formulation loosens, lifts and suspends all types of greasy and oily soil to give outstanding cleaning results.
Power Strip S - Solvent Based Stripper
POWER STRIP-S is a blend of high grade chemical solvents and biodegradable penetrating surfactants. This product is extremely effective in stripping tire marks, paints, inks, adhesives and various other stains and graffiti from hard floors and surfaces, even concrete and some other semi-porous surfaces.
Power View - Glass Cleaner
POWER VIEW is an outstanding cleaning solution for all glass surfaces. It effectively removes grime, oil films and dust without leaving any residue or streaks. The gleaming shine lasts longer because POWER VIEW resists re-soiling, even finger marks.
Pro-Green - Environmentally Safe Multi Purpose Cleaner
Pro-Green is awarded the Singapore Green Label Scheme under the category of "Environmentally Improved Floor Cleaner".
Sanifect - High Level Disinfectant
SANIFECT is based on a new technology that kills viruses and bacteria but yet is completely non-toxic and alcohol free, making it safe to use even for fogging.
Shine On - Furniture Polish
SHINE ON is made with the highest quality wax and the finest silicones. It provides an excellent shine and enhanced protection against moisture, wear and tear.
Steel Shine - Metal Polish
STEEL SHINE is a metal cleaner and polish containing a blend of surfactants with special lubricants. In one easy operation, STEEL SHINE removes stains, oxidation, finger marks etc. while at the same time lubricates and enriches the steel surface.
Super Coating - Extra Durable Floor Coating
SUPER COATING produces a high gloss “wet look” that is extremely durable under heavy traffic. Superior wax polymers provide excellent resistance to marking and scuffing, outlasting and outshining conventional floor finishes.
Sun Up Plus - Spray Buffing Floor Coating
A floor burnishing solution that cleans, removes dirt and black marks, and restores worn areas on floor finishes, thus effectively recoating and protecting the floor.
Fresh Wave 2 - Urinal Deodorizer
The Wave contains the patented technology of a 30 day urinal air freshener/deodorizer, with splash elimination. This patented urinal screen releases more than twice the active ingredients as look-alike screens, keeping the urinal and restroom smelling fresh.
Fresh Eco Clip - Air Freshener
The Wave contains the patented technology of a 30 day urinal air freshener/deodorizer, with splash elimination. This patented urinal screen releases more than twice the active ingredients as look-alike screens, keeping the urinal and restroom smelling fresh.
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