Floor Scrubber, Polisher & Grinder
Cyclone S380
Fibre glass reinforced PVC handle. 5 Amps power socket incorporated for vacuum unit or foam generator. Safety sendor to prevent machine operation in upright position.
Cyclone S510
This is a heavy duty workhorse that not only weighs more, but has a stronger motor to drive and sustain the increased weight. The Cyclone S510 does almost everything that regular scrubbers do, only faster. This is due to the simple principle that more pressure produces better and quicker cleaning results.
Cyclone G680
Cyclone G680 is the heavyweight industrial floor machine in the range. It is meant primarily for diamond grinding and crystallization of stone floors.
Tennant BR-1600-NDC
Tennant’s BR-1600-NDC high speed floor burnisher cleans floors with a 1,600 rpm pad rotation. With Tennant’s commercial cleaning machines, give your floor the ultimate high gloss finish.
Tennant BR-2000-DC
Tennant’s BR 2000 DC High Speed Floor Burnisher with Dust Control polishes floors with a 2,000 rpm pad rotation and easy controls.
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