Ride On Sweepers
Tempest 1050B - Ride On Sweeper
Three different cleaning programmes to guarantee deep-down and efficient cleaning of surfaces. This compact sweeper has excellent sightlines and superb maneuverability even for the tightest of corners and paths
Tempest 1010S - Ride On Sweeper
The Tempest 1010S sweeper combines comfort and technology for thorough cleaning of indoor and outdoor surfaces.
Tennant S20 - Compact Ride On Sweeper
Tennant’s S20 compact mid-sized rider floor sweeper is a heavy duty machine that manoeuvres easily in tight spaces with the sweeping performance of a mid-size sweeper.
Tennant S30 - Medium Ride On Sweeper
Sweeping with the S30 increases productivity, and provides health and safety benefits.
Tennant 800 - Large Ride On Sweeper
Tennant’s 800 Industrial Rider Sweeper features a wide cleaning path and large capacity hopper to capture everything from cement dust to heavy debris.
Tennant Sentinel - High Performace Rider Sweeper
Tennant’s Sentinel high performance outdoor ride-on sweeper easily maneuvers in harsh environments while reducing dust with all-weather dry dust control.
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