Walk Behind Sweepers
Tempest MS700 - Walk Behind Sweeper
Klenco MS 700 Mechanical Sweeper replaces the tiresome use of manual brooms with effortless mechanical sweeping.
Tennant S3 - Walk Behind Sweeper
Dual side brushes and intuitive design make the S3 perfect for both indoor and outdoor cleaning.
Tempest 460B - Walk Behind Sweeper (battery powered)
Light and compact, TEMPEST 460B is the smallest motorised sweeper, perfect to clean small and medium sized surfaces both outdoors and indoors.
Tennant S9 - Large Walk Behind Sweeper (battery powered)
Clean large indoor and outdoor areas quickly and effortlessly with dual side brushes and self-propelled operation.
Tennant S10 - Industrial Walk Behind Sweeper
Tennant’s S10 Industrial Floor Sweeper is a heavy duty, battery-powered walk-behind sweeper that cleans harsh industrial environments.
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