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Discover a wide range of Housekeeping Tools that is durable and eco-friendly


agkcleaning menyediakan berbagai jenis Housekeeping Equipment dan Alat Cleaning Service lainnya seperti Trolley Housekeeping, Lobby Duster, Flat Mop, Double Bucket, Microfibre Cloth, hingga Floor Pad.

Vileda Spray Pro

Flatmop Set

Vileda Sponge

Available Green, White and Blue

Fresh Wave 2
Urinal Deodorizer (Anti Splash)

Fresh Eco Clip
Urinal Deodorizer

Microfibre Cloth

Available in 5 colors

Glass Cloth (Microfibre)

Available in 4 colors

Bottle Sprayer 600ml

Available Green, Blue and Yellow

Window Squeegee

and Window Washer

B-Xpress Microfibre Flatmop

Lobby Duster

Dust Mop Set (Blue)

3M Pad 17 inch – Pad Buffing, Brusing

Available Red, White, Brown, Black

KGS FLEXIS Dimaond Polishing Pads

Pads 17″ – 400 – 8000G

KGS Diamond Pads (KGS MM2A)

1 set: 5 colors

B-Xpress Microfibre Flatmop

Housekeeping Tools

PAG 5 Extra Light

Bubuk Kristalisasi – Marble Crystallization Powder

Housekeeping Tools

Brix – Trolley Housekeeping

Housekeeping Tools

Envon – Trolley Housekeeping

Housekeeping Tools

Kleanway – Double Bucket

Housekeeping Tools

Kleanway – Single Bucket

Housekeeping Tools

Warning Sign Yellow

Brix – Trolley Housekeeping

OPTCLEAN – Insect Catcher

Housekeeping Tools

Dispenser Hand Sanitizer Automatic 1000ml

Housekeeping Tools

Dispenser Hand Sanitizer (Press on) 500ml

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