LAVA 2060 B

LAVA 2060 B

Tireless for the enormous quantity of work it manages to perform, Lava Tireless for the enormous quantity of work it manages to perform, Lava 2060B ride-on scrubber dryer is constructed to tackle the most extreme washing project, thanks to the considerable capacity of the tanks and batteries. Compact and manoeuvrable, it is also solid and tough.

LAVA 2060 B

• Self-levelling System: uniform washing guaranteed by the washing head which adapts instantly to even the most irregular surfaces

• Independent brush motors with oil bath reduction gear box provides soft start mechanism for maximum motor protection

• Brush head designed to absorb harsh impact

• Brush attachment and release system without tools

• Solution delivery varies according to speed. The quantity can also be regulated from the control panel

• Flow of the solution and brushes stop when the drive is turned off

• Outlet filter for maximum solution tank protection • AFS (anti-foam system) protects vacuum motor perfectly against foam


Cleaning coverage

3,900 m2/hr max

Scrubbing width

600 mm

No. of brushes

2 x 300 mm

Brush pressure

35 Kg

Brush speed

210 rpm

Brush motor power

2 x 300 w

Solution tank capacity

110 liters

Recovery tank capacity

115 liters

Squeegee width

815 mm

Vacuum motor

3 stage 550 w

Forward speed

6.5 km/hr

Drive motor

600 w

Battery power supply

24 v

Empty weight without battery

212 kg

Dimensions without squeegee (L x W x H)

1504 x 909 x 1210 mm