Maintenance & Repair

Excellent maintenance will prolong the lifetime of you machine. Regular check will ensure your machine perform as expected. Machine breakdown is very costly and will reduce your work productivity and performance. With regular service maintenance you a can minimize the risk of have machine breakdown in unfavourable situation. Full support from professional service team will help you increase work productivity while reducing unecessary cost to your business. Your machines are valuable investments and our dedicated Service Technicians are here to help you keep them in their best condition.

Scheduled Service Maintenance

Will give you peace of mind that your equipment are well maintained and function properly.

Service Packages

Tailored service packages to suit your needs will help you to minimize the risk of having machine breakdown.

Product & Maintenance Training

We give you product & basic maintence training for every equipment you purchase from us.

Fast Response

Quick and timely response will reduce cost associated with equipment down time.

Spare Parts Availability

Original parts are used to ensure equipment are working in their best performance.

Trained Service Technicians

Professional service support is backed up with a team of factory trained technician who will help in solving problems in the field. On site training is performed by our qualified techinician to make sure machine is operated safely to achieve the maximum result.