Low Speed Polisher 57KG | Single Disc Machine

Klenco Cyclone S510 (Single Disc Machine) merupakan mesin polisher dengan brush pressure 57kg. Klenco Cyclone S510 sangat cocok digunakan untuk kristalisasi marmer atau poles marmer. Proses kristalisasi marmer bisa lebih cepat dan hasilnya konsisten karena memiliki brush pressure 57 kg ke lantai serta speed 165rpm. Design motor mesin yang “off-center” membuat Klenco Cyclone S510 nyaman digunakan oleh user karena tidak ada dorongan ke user. Pembelian Klenco Cyclone S510 akan akan dilengkapi 1pcs Pad Holder dan 1pcs Brush.


Klenco Cyclone S510 is Highly Recommended for Marble Crystalization

Product by: Klenco Singapore


SPEED 165 rpm

POWER 1600 watt


  • Speed: 165 rpm
  • Brush Pressure: 57 kg
  • Power supply: 220 – 240 v
  • Power Rating: 1600 watt
  • Noise level: 60 dB(A)
  • Cable length: 12 meter


  • Brush Pressure 57 kg (highly recommended for marble crystalization).
  • Safety sensor to prevent machine operation in upright position.
  • Off-site motor placement provides optimal balancing and fatigue-free operation.
  • Class H (180oC) rated motor insulation for longer running life.
  • Gear drive with dust sealed motor requires no maintenance.
  • Low sound level suitable for noise sensitive environments such as hospitals and office buildings.
  • Low profile motor for good cleaning access under furniture and fittings.
  • Powder coated aluminum alloy machine body is visually attractive, endures the hardest knocks and stays rust free.

Capacitors housed in separate casing from motor body to prevent overheating.

Poles Lantai dan Kristalisasi Marmer dengan Cyclone S510

Percobaan Kristalisasi Marmer dilakukan dengan Cyclone S510 (Brush Pressure 57kg) dan KGS FLEXIS Diamond Polishing Pads.

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