Cyclone U420 High Speed Burnisher Polisher


High Speed Polisher

Klenco Cyclone U420 merupakan mesin High Speed Polisher yang cocok digunakan untuk floor maintenance setelah proses kristalisasi, atau biasa disebut proses buffing. Klenco Cyclone U420 akan menjaga kilap lantai marmer karena memiliki speed yang tinggi yaitu 1500 rpm. Klenco Cyclone U420 cocok digunakan untuk lantai marmer dan granit. Klenco Cyclone U420 menggunakan Pad 20″ warna biru.


Product by: Klenco Singapore

SPEED 1500 rpm

POWER 1500 watt rpm

WORKING WIDTH 51 cm (Pad 20″)

CYCLONE U420 Features

Cyclone U420 High Speed Burnisher Polisher


  • Class H motor, that is rated to 180 degree celsius or better performance and longer lifetime
  • Fiberglass reinforced PVC handle with specially designed safety button to prevent accidental activation.
  • Floating mounting of the motor to ensure the best polishing result
  • Adjustment lever on handle for easy operation
  • Equipped with pad pressure indication meter for fine and accurate pad pressure adjustment
  • Powerful dust control system captures dust and provides a healthy working environment. Filter compartment in the front that is easily accessible.

Equipped with a back panel that allows optional connection to an upright vacuum mounted on the handle. A power plug is provided on the handle for power connection for this vacuum unit

CYCLONE U420 Spesifications

  • Speed: 1500 rpm
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Working width: 51 cm (using Pad 20″)
  • Power Rating: 1500 watt
  • Cable length: 10 meter
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