Silicone Furniture Polish


Use  SHINE ON with  confidence  on  furniture  woodwork  such  as  desks,  cabinets and  pianos.  It  is  also  effective  on non-wood  surfaces  such  as  glass,  mirrors  and plastic surfaces of office equipment.

 Special Features

  • Cleans and shines easily, leaving a smooth, glossy surface without build-up
  • Provides an effective protective barrier against moisture, wear and tear
  • Safe and easy to use on all furniture
  • No hazardous ingredients and non-polluting
  • Economical and efficient performance when compared with aerosols

Cara Penggunaan

  • Shake bottle well before application.
  • Application can  be  direct  by  using  a  soft  damp  cloth  or  using  a  trigger
  • Apply evenly over surface.
  • After the  polish  dries,  use  another  piece  of  soft,  dry  cloth  to  buff  to  a brighter lustre.

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