Super Polish Stripper


ACTION 150 is  highly recommended for use on vinyl,  terrazzo,  marble,  mosaic and

ceramic  tiles  and  most  other  hard  floor  surfaces,  where polymer  floor  finishes  have  been laid

Cara Penggunaan

  • Dilution rate  depends  on  finish  build-up  to  be  For  hard  water,  heating
  • before mixing with product is recommended.
  • Heavy build-up – dilute 1:4 Normal build-up – dilute 1:8
  • Test on isolated floor area to ensure no adverse effect occurs.
  • Spread solution on floor; allow about 5-10 mins to react. For heavy build-up, allow 15-20mins  reaction    Scrub  using  a  rotary  machine  with  black  pad  for  total stripping, or green pad for surface stripping.  Do not use machine agitation for wood floors, just mop.  Vacuum up the residue with a wet/dry cleaner.
  • Mop and  rinse  thoroughly  to  remove  all    Allow  complete  drying  before

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