Neutral Multi Purpose Cleaner


FOUR SEASONS is ideal for cleaning polished or unpolished hard floors such as vinyl, ceramic tiles, marble, granite etc.

Special Features

  • Powerful electrochemical ingredient makes positive emulsion so strong that activated oily soil cannot redeposit during cleaning job
  • New chelation chemistry eliminates hard water haze
  • Contains no inorganic ingredients and has neutral pH value, preventing dulling of floor finishes
  • Special optical brighteners bring out original beauty of the floor
  • Rinses away easily after cleaning

Cara Penggunaan

Various  modes  of  application  are  possible,  including  damp  mopping,  wet scrubbing  with  low  or  high-speed  single  disc  machines  or  with  autoscrubbers.

The recommended dilution rates with water are:

Light soil ~ 1:120

Medium soil ~ 1:  60

Heavy soil ~ 1:  30

After cleaning, remove residue with wet/dry vacuum cleaner or by mopping with water.

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